Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Of all the Gin joints...

So, this weekend I have been mostly at Cardiff!!

Scardiff 2013 was a small affair but had huge amounts of talent and quality content on show.

I was there on the Markosia booth and met all the very creative creatives from the British Showcase Anthology roster.

All true gentlemen and great company and gallons of talent was in abundance!

I also managed to talk to my publisher (get me that sounds posh) Harry Markos.

I am happy to say that on meeting Harry, his drive and commitment came over in waves and I left the weekend feeling extremely content in knowing that Markosia are on a mission to get quality content out there and look after their creators as much as possible! It was a bit like being accepted into a Markosia family where you know that even though the industry is not in it's greatest condition, you had people looking out for you!

I finally got to meet Adam Cheal in person and he is every bit the human being I had expected. Witty and charming and oozing with ability and drive!

Following on I made several connections with other talented writers on the day that time and space willing I will be able to follow up on. I am awfull with names but shout out to Jimmy, Jimmy, Phil, Adam, Chris, Chris, Mark and Amrit! phew sounds like the rollcall from Camberwick Green. If I missed anyone off my apologies - there's only so much room in my head and half of it is filled with Kata!

Staying on the subject of writing partners and talent, I can now officially announce the next project that I will be producing linework for. I met Time Bomb's Steve Tanner and we signed a Markosia contract with Harry for a brand new graphic novel , Foxglove. It's a steam punk affair and you can see the cover pencils at the bottom of this diatribe!!

So I will be running Foxglove and Indifference Engine 2 in tandem and attempting to make both of them my best work to date :)

And... on the subject of meeting new people...

At the end of the day we did the bar thing and who should sit down with us but the legendary John Higgins! He and partner in Crime (Sally) had been at the show producing a rather spiffing zombie pic on the show floor. He gave me some great advice in the bar and some very encouraging words and Sally was a joy to talk with. What a day, capped off with a great evening, before dissapearing into the howling winds and driving rain that was probably quite fitting for the weekends scary theme :)

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