Friday, 24 April 2015

Is there a Doctor in the house???

Mixed bag this week!

For most of it I've been on a sofa sniffing, snoring and generally feeling sorry for myself with the worst cold in living memory (I'm sure it was). It's not manflu either as my wife had it the week before with exactly the same results!

The extreme downside of this is that not only am I a week behind on my schedules but also because of that I can't go to Ogwen spring course either! (Ogwen spring course is an annual karate course by Peter Spanton and Higashi Karate) I was hoping to grade and more importantly support my club mates!

Anyways, with all the ills in the world I can't really complain - I'm sure I'll be able to make it up to them some way!

What did happen this week was the release of issue 1 of the revamped and REGENERATED Doctor Who Adventures from Panini!

This is my first Main Stream gig - and what a first to get - DOCTOR BLOODY WHO :)

I have considered myself a professional illustrator for some time now as I have been making a living from doing what I do - but this one is a step up through the publishing ladder and I'm so chuffed to be working with Jason and John and the whole team at Panini on this great mag!

The focus of the mag is on the Doctor's universe, it's stories and educational nuggets thrown in, making it both true to the shows core and complementary to it's current incarnation!

I grew up with comics - they helped build my vocabulary, underpinned my reading ability, fueled my imagination and inspired me to read and create my own works. That's what comics should do and magazines like DWA, I feel, can do that again by talking to the demographic and not down to them! Fingers crossed that the readership see that, like it and enjoy it... and of course tell all their mates to buy it :)