Monday, 9 July 2012

StormChasers #5 on sale now!

Well my debut for Unstoppable comics has arrived and StormChasers issue 5 is available to buy now from Unstoppable Comics' website.

The very talented Jay Dee Rosario himself wrote the script and Mike Summers produced some fanatastic colours for the book.

Looking forward to seeing the reviews!

The book can be bought from...

Here are some sample pages to whet the appetite

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chasin' Storms

Unstoppable Comics are keeping me busy at the moment. Just finished Storm Chasers #6 and whilst waiting for #7 script from Jay I'm producing line work for the Phantomhawk origin story.

It' absolutely cracking as a concept and the script is great. More images from that book soon.

I'm also working with a couple of new publishers on some really fresh concepts and hope to have that to show soon as well.

Red Angel #4 is now available so head on over to to find out how to get a hold of that one :)

In the meantime I wanted to post the coloured version of StormChasers #6 cover. Mike Summers is a fantastic colorist and I'm proud to say someone I'm lucky enough to work with on a regular basis.

His new gallery site can be found here it's full of some great work.
You can find out more about StormChasers and Unstoppable comics at

And here is the final cover...