Saturday, 16 November 2013

so many drawings ... so little time !

So here I am at my desk on a Saturday night after re-wiring some sockets and I find myself wanting to draw rather than play a video game or watch a movie!

It seemed very strange at first as I am lucky enough to spend my working hours, for the most part, with pen, mouse, pencil or pointer directed toward some kind of drawing medium.

But as all of my artistic heroes (Buscema, Steranko, Lee, Starlin, Bolland to name a few) came to understand and appreciate - the art is not just in the creation but also in the approach.

Professionalism and desire must also come hand in hand with a real love of what you do and an overwhelming yearning to keep doing it.

That is certainly how I feel at present.

Although a win on the lottery would not go amiss ;)

Now, where did I put that sharpener??

I'll finish off with an example of how I'm feeling at present. During the week I took a break from drawing Cy Dethans "The Indifference Engine 2" and found myself... well..  drawing.

Below is the 20 minute sketch :)

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