Saturday, 27 September 2014

And now a short break!

I'll continue posting some pinup art next week.

I thought that for this post I'd show a production process from a page of Interceptor : Genesis -  from Unstoppable Comics.

I work with JayDee the publisher at Unstoppable on several books and we have tight budgets! So in order to keep things flowing and get pages out as quickly as we can I ink digitally on to pencil roughs.

I do sometimes produce full finished pencils for these pages but time is a luxury and so getting the page done as expressly as possible is the focus. Because I am pencilling and inking, I don't have to convey all the visual aspects of the page to another person (the inker). After that the colorist (Mike Summers) adds his creativity to the page. Mike and I work well together and have collaborated regularly for a couple of years now!

So here is the pencil rough for page 11

So, not much in the way of shade and lighting! That comes with the inks and Mikes colours.
Time wise I can produce between 3 and 5 of these types of page a day.

Next the ink stage...

Both of these pencils and inks were done digitally. This speeds the process up a lot for us. Of course if we are giving away a page in say a kickstarter, I will produce 'real world ' A3 pencils. These digital ink pages I can produce at between 2-3 a day.

and now the colour...

The lettering is applied after this stage - often as seen above I will drop in sound effects at an early stage to work around the visuals.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

As promised...

As promised... another regular entry - short and sweet - a bit of Captain America!!

In Ink and colour - pencils by me as well
More soon....

Monday, 22 September 2014

OOOPS... been away too long!

Well it's been all of cough... 3 months since my last post and I think it's high time I updated... and updated more often!!

Work load has kept me away but I really must reach out to the interwebs more than I do.

So here's the first post of the rest of my life!!

I think what I will be doing is making posts single subjects and smaller and making more of em....

So up first will be some commissions and prints I've done recently and then some art from projects that are recent and indeed current.

I'll go with the good doctor first and follow up with some other spandex heroic based frivolity :)

In Ink and colour - pencils by me as well
More soon....