Friday, 11 October 2013

Another Day... Another reality, apparently

After finishing off the linework for OGN 'Terminus at Fenton's Green' I am now onto my next book with Markosia. All that is left is some pinup work, some super exclusive artwork for the LSCC and the book jacket design.

So onwards to the next big production...

Cy Dethan's 'Indifference Engine' caused quite a splash with widespread critical acclaim and I have been fortunate enough to team up with Cy on the second outing - The Indifference Engine 2 : The Suicideshow.

Cy's work has included great titles such as Starship Troopers and Cancertown and I feel fortunate to be working with him and the rest of the team on the book.

The team also includes the brilliant lettering of Nic Wilkinson and finds me partnered once again with the sublime colour skills of Mike Summers.

So to kick it all off here is a sketched panel from the first part - can't give too much away just yet... but there will be more soon.

Now as if that wasn't excitment enough I've also managed to partner with another great British writer on a project that will run concurrently with IE2... more on that soon.

Better busy than not... Idle hands and all that :)

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