Thursday, 30 January 2014

Too many drawings not enough time!!

Just a quicky ...

So the year has begun with an educational video, a trip to Southport, some great stories to work on and some fun pages put together for the brilliant Unstoppable comics!

Thats just the beginning!

Adam Cheal and I have also wound up the Terminus At Fenton's Green production cycle and it's off to print for our baby which will launch at this years LSCC.

The big news on that is we have been able to get the brilliant Sean Phillips (Marvel Zombies, Batman, Hellboy) to write the foreward - so we are super excited.
His closing comment...  
"This comic has it all, murder, monsters, mayhem and mammaries! What more could you want?"

Also the talented  Ari Carr of comic and cookies has given our first review and it's a good one - read it here ...

I will be there with Adam Cheal at LSCC and the afore mentioned video crew and hopefully get a chance to meet the brilliant Charlie Adlard who they will also be interviewing!

I have 1,2,3 secret projects which I can't tell of - but if just one of them comes off I could well break a bone cartwheeling down the street - more on that when it occurs!

Thats to say nothing of the brilliant stories from Cy Dethan and Steve Tanner that I'm pencilling at present.

In the meantime here's a couple of sketches to provide something to look at :)

more soon...

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