Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy New Year - oops bit late !

Well 2013 is here and we haven't been consumed by Mayan prophecy, so I suppose I'd better get on and do some work!

2013 will see me working with some great talent including Tim Quinn, JayDee Rosario, Mike Summers, Eric S Brown, the guys at Lazarus and the multi faceted Adam Cheal to name but a few.

Adam is writing and editing The British showcase anthology that will be published by Markosia later this year and more can be found out at and

Also Unstoppable comics and StormChasers goes from strength to strength with reboots of the first three issues drawn by me and then issue 10 onwards being scripted by the very talented Eric S Brown of 'Bigfoot War' fame - more about him at

So to a couple of images to finish off!

The first from the afore mentioned British comics showcase and the short story 'The Muse' written by Mark Mitchell and the second a wraparound cover from issue 7 of Stormchsers with colours by the fabulous Mike Summers.

more info soon!

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