Monday, 18 March 2013

British Showcase Anthology

Well 2013 is shaping up nicely I must say.

I'm working more with the great team over at Signs and Voices - you can see more about them here

I've finished up the linework for the Issue 1 Revamp of StormChasers - more here

I'm in to part 4 of Street Cred working with the legend that is Tim Quinn - more about Tim here

Foxglove got a great reception at the recent LSCC and you can find out more about it's writer Steve Tanner here (we will be starting production in October for publishing and release by Markosia)

I've recently finished off a cover and 8 page story beautifully colored by the talented Mike Summers. This is for the Anthology mentioned in the title of this post and the cover is attached below. Markosia will be publishing this book in October 2013.

Now on to a cracking story by Adam Cheal the force behind the British Showcase anthology and the brand new series Toxic Storm. The book we will be partnering on is "Terminus at Fentons Green"and looks like it will be published by Markosia as well.

So things are hotting up - more art and news as it comes in :)

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