Friday, 26 August 2011

Pick of the week No 20

This week's choice was a no-brainer for me.

Red ANgel #2 will have a set of collectors cards as part of a package and several artists are contributing.. including What The Flux's CEO and Red ANgel co-creator -  Larry Jarrell

My offering is a pair of Victorias in different costume. I added one of them below - the other is top secret for now :)

Red Angel is on sale at as well as multiple outlets and comic shops. You can also find out more at facebook page The-Red-Angel-Comic-Series and facebook page Red-Angel-Flight-Crew.

NB: Pick of the week artwork won't always be finished. Sometimes it will be completely reworked. The art that is posted will simply be something that's caught my eye that week from current work or even old stuff I might have pulled out for some obscure reason :)

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