Friday, 17 June 2011

Pick of the week No 12

Well it's all getting a bit emotional for me this week. You see next week will see the final pages of linework for "The Chronic Argonauts" graphic novel. Although I will continue to work on expanding it with Eric Mullarky as a property my part of the artwork will be complete.

So this weeks pick of the week is a panel from part two where two of the main characters have their first, rather awkward meeting.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Eric for an extremely well crafted project. Working with him has been a delight and I hope to continue working with him and the Chronic Argonaut property for a long time. Also I'd like to heap well deserved praise on the other members of our creative team.

Jason Quinns writing has been brilliant. From the plot and character development right down to his script writing abilities and how that has helped the art process. Thanks Jason! I hope to be working more with Jason as well.

Colour wise Tyler Smith has done a fantastic job of bringing the linework to life. Last but definately not least, Charles Pritchetts work on the lettering has added a really slick finish to the final product.

That's enough babbling from me... here's the panel.

More information about 'The Chronic Argoauts' can be found at

NB: Pick of the week artwork won't always be finished. Sometimes it will be completely reworked. The art that is posted will simply be something that's caught my eye that week from current work or even old stuff I might have pulled out for some obscure reason :)

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