Monday, 23 April 2012

Just in time!!

Last year I had the pleasure of producing linework for Eric Mullarky over at NewBaby Productions to the fantastic script by Jason Quinn (Ben10 and Marvel).

Anyway, the graphic novel I worked on was called the Chronic Argonauts and was based on the works of HG Wells as well as his story of the same name. If you've read the blog or visited you'll be familiar with it.

Jason managed to expand and improve on the masters original brief tale that preceeded all time travel stories based around a time machine or science fiction premise.

Well the story is about to be launched on Android and the app is being produced now.

The minimum funding has been achieved but there is still time for people to help fund this great project.

Not only that, because of the great model runs investors will actually profit from their investment - not just receive great perks.

So head on over to H.G.-Wells--The-Chronic-Argonauts at and see if it tempts your entrepenuerial spirit!

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to join the journey :)

Here are some pages to whet the appetite.

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