Friday, 6 April 2012

Downtime - what a bummer!

Ok - this week was pretty much a right - off!

Pulled a back muscle Monday morning and spent till Wednesday incapacitated - bummer!.

It's just starting to feel better now and I have been able to get back to StormChasers production today.

On the plus side Jay at Unstoppable Comics has confirmed that he would like me to not only continue on the series but take it into the future, which I am thrilled at and I had a nibble at another couple of projects this week also.

I'd like to just ask everyone reading this to spare a thought for the legend that is Rusty Gilligan. He will be going in to hospital next week and hopes to have some long term issues sorted. Good luck Rusty and get back to that ink well soon :)

ink well... soon.. see what I did there ;)
anyways... all the best Rusty!

So whilst I am getting on with the next StormChasers here is a pic of the amazing Marvelman that I posted for some fun on down the tubes - the link will take you to a gallery with some great art from other forum members!

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