Friday, 21 October 2011

Pick of the week No 27

Finally Red Angel 4 gets a full production start this week! So this weeks pick is a panel from issue 4.

We have a new character which is based on actress Diana Laura battling it out with our resident beauty Amy Vitale (Victoria Angel)! You can find out more about Amy on her facebook profile and more about Diana on her facebook page

Red Angel issue 1 is now available for Nook at and for Kindle at Hard copy of Issues 1 and 2 and a preorder on 3 can be found on the What The Flux webstore -

Alright everyone... just calm down!

NB: Pick of the week artwork won't always be finished. Sometimes it will be completely reworked. The art that is posted will simply be something that's caught my eye that week from current work or even old stuff I might have pulled out for some obscure reason :)

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