Friday, 14 October 2011

Pick of the week No 26

Seemed to be very busy this week without actually getting much drawing done!

Red Angel issue 4 is in the works which I was hoping to show a panel from this week. However there was so much else going on that things got moved on a few days.

I got a great gig from Ashdown Engineering this week. Been doing some work with Dan on the packaging and marketing and will have something to put up soon. They produce quality equipment and have some amazing names using their stuff!.

Been doing web work and book covers as well this week most of which will become public soon!

So to the pick this week. It's actually something I meant to put up a couple of weeks ago to coincide with the Gears Of War 3 launch on xbox! In 2006 I was fortunate enough to win a competition place at the Xbox Epic Studios tour and Gears Of War1 preview event. It was great fun and I made a friend for life there as well.

The competition asked for entrants to design a new Locust creature for the horde and this is my entry.

So here it is. Gears Of War players out there may recognise some of it's characteristics from new enemies introduced in Gears 2. Completely incidental I'm sure :)

I don't think he's had his tea yet :)

NB: Pick of the week artwork won't always be finished. Sometimes it will be completely reworked. The art that is posted will simply be something that's caught my eye that week from current work or even old stuff I might have pulled out for some obscure reason :)

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