Monday, 5 May 2014

Like a Phoenix from the ashes...

Well unfortunately, Unstoppables' Kickstarter for Interceptor failed to reach it's goal!

However it has garnered much interest and the Kickstarter has translated into a great pre-order campaign. You can pre-order from the link below and the orders include the Kickstarter awards!!!

So in typical UNSTOPPABLE fashion the project is still on and I get to work on Eisner award nominee Brandon Eastons brilliant script! Below is the pinup for the mini-series most wonderfully coloured by the most able Mike Summers!

I've also been busy with some other strips and some commssions. One such commission is below for Eric S. Browns latest book - Eric S. Browns Zombie Omnibus! You can pick up the great book at the amazon link below!

and here is the cover...

more soon with a daily strip, some coloured Origin of Dr Zero and some interceptor art!!

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