Monday, 24 September 2012

Avast me harties!

Another infrequent post - must do more I think!

What's going on...

Unstoppable comics run is going into overdive and issue 7 will be on the board this October. They are going to the NYCC this October so look out for them there.

I'm currently producing some promo art for Jay and that should be available as well.

Phantomhawk origin #1 is done and #2 will be on my board I would imagine in November.

Here's a sneak peak at some great colours from Mike...

I am now working with Tim Quinn brother of the talented Jason Quinn who wrote the Chronic Argonauts The book is currently having the novie script treatment and Eric (wonder Editor and publisher) is getting some great feedback.

Tim Quinn is himself a multi talented writer and has numerous industry credits. Once we have some pages I will post here how that strip is doing.

And finally... for this post. I am once again working with Thomas Muzzell of FineLineInk - he's doing some great things at present and he asked me to produce a 16 page pirate strip!

So here is a sample page from the 16 pager.
I'll post here soon as to how to buy the finished product.


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