Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Chasin' Storms

Unstoppable Comics are keeping me busy at the moment. Just finished Storm Chasers #6 and whilst waiting for #7 script from Jay I'm producing line work for the Phantomhawk origin story.

It' absolutely cracking as a concept and the script is great. More images from that book soon.

I'm also working with a couple of new publishers on some really fresh concepts and hope to have that to show soon as well.

Red Angel #4 is now available so head on over to http://whatthefluxcomics.com/webstore.php to find out how to get a hold of that one :)

In the meantime I wanted to post the coloured version of StormChasers #6 cover. Mike Summers is a fantastic colorist and I'm proud to say someone I'm lucky enough to work with on a regular basis.

His new gallery site can be found here http://www.creativemike.com/ it's full of some great work.
You can find out more about StormChasers and Unstoppable comics at http://www.unstoppablecomics.com/

And here is the final cover...

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