Tuesday, 31 January 2012

And breath.....

Sorry just came up for air.

This week and last I have been busy with all those secret projects that I just can't talk about ... well maybe just a little.

In fact I can only hint at one project I am currently producing pages for written by Kevin Gunstone. I can't release a title yet but I can pop up a small sample of one of the pages. It's appropriately cryptic so as not to divulge any info about the story but can provide an idea of the tone of the project.

Secret project... sssshhhhhh

So thats it :) can't say or show any more...watch this space. There are 5 other projects I have creative fingers in as well, but they will have to wait for a timely disclosure :)

What I can show though is some absolutely brilliant colour work from Mike Summers on the final part of What The Flux's Red Angel series which I produced the line work for. So without further ado (nice one Mike!)

Red Angel Issue 4 colour page

Red Angel Issue 4 colour page

Now I must return to the chains and get back to the drawing tablet... and does anyone know how to get beer out of a keyboard?

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