Friday, 16 December 2011

Pick of the week 30 gosh!

Well pick of the week took a little break and has come back with what is the last of the series :(

Many reasons for this but mostly because everything I am now working on is TOP SECRET and so I am having trouble providing content week on week.

So instead I will show multiple items and talk about multiple projects on a regular basis plus I think more random blogging is required.

The start of this week sucked in a big way and ended pretty well so all in all things are looking good!

Red Angel has finished the black and white production and is looking to be produced as a graphic novel once the four issue are completed.

I'm collaborating with Kevin Gunstone of Image Comics 'The Agents' fame and looking forward to showing some of that work next year!

I'm also talking to a British publisher about signing up with them the name of which I will make public once the contracts are signed.

I have a hand in a Jinx Media movie and have a chance to work on some great retro characters (more to come next year on that one)

2011 has been a bit weird but very entertaining and I've managed to work with and befriend some great people, so a big Christmas wish to....

Dan Gooday at Ashdown Music
Erin, Deb and of course the mighty Larry (Spike) Jarrell at What The Flux
Eric Mullarky at New Baby Productions
The delightful Jason Quinn
The magnificent Rusty Gilligan
Alex Williams for a great piece for One And Done
Pat Higgins of Jinx Media
Chris Garrard for his brilliant sculpting
The wonderfully talented Jonny Ledford

So 2012 - new year new opportunities - lets hope for a brighter year than this one!

I've already posted this weeks pick in a few places but I thoroughly enjoyed producing it and thought I'd post it in the final panel entry. It's not a panel it's a pinup but ya gotta luv the Hulk :)

So last blog post of the year 2011...
Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a peaceful prosperous new year to all!

Hulk smash!!

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