Saturday, 30 July 2011

Pick of the week No 17

Pick of the week went on hiatus last week. This was mainly due to my Wacom tablet giving me some driver woes :(

But that's all sorted now and I can show the panel I wanted to.

I have teamed up with a very talented writer Alex Williams for a single page story 'Pale Horse'.

The piece was for a worthy cause over at Invest Comics. Their CBLDF fund raiser book 'One And Done' will feature single page stories about Death. Sounds a bit depressing but... writers like Alex can turn this to their advantage and create magical tales.

You can find out more about the project at...

Bless... Death looks happy today :)

NB: Pick of the week artwork won't always be finished. Sometimes it will be completely reworked. The art that is posted will simply be something that's caught my eye that week from current work or even old stuff I might have pulled out for some obscure reason :)

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